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BLOG: The Team attends the Royal Norfolk Show

BLOG: The Team attends the Royal Norfolk Show

The Royal Norfolk Show is the largest two-day agricultural show in the country, a prestigious event for the local community at the beautiful Norfolk Showground.

We asked one of the health check practitioners, Kirsty, to provide an insight on what happened over the two days.

“This was my first time attending the Royal Norfolk Show so this was a whole new experience and a fabulous one. It was so good to get out into the community and provide them with a taster of what they could experience during a NHS health check.

“Our stand was close to some of the main events of the show so not only was it great to see those activities happening, but it also meant we could reach out to people passing by. We met some really interesting people, including Cllr Fran Whymark and Cllr Fabian Eagle from the Norfolk County Council.

“Over the two days I would estimate that we spoke to thousands of people. We explained to everyone who visited our stand of who we are and what our service is about. We explained to them that to have a NHS health check they need to be eligible and not to be taking blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol medication.

“Unfortunately, we were unable to provide a full NHS health check due to factors out of our control, however, we were able to check their blood pressure which was beneficial because we were able to give them our cards with their reading on it along with how they could book in for a NHS health check.

“This worked really well because we could explain to them how the NHS health check works and how it is recorded so they could take this with them and book in not just for themselves, but they could also show someone else how to book.

“On the second day we found more people scanning the QR code on the card and booking in while they were with us because they were interested in following up and getting a NHS health check which was wonderful to see!

“The feedback we received over the two days was also amazing. We had a lot of reassuring conversations with people and provided them with a positive experience. We had people come back and tell us they were going to make some positive changes.

“Attending the Royal Norfolk Show was brilliant because we got to go out and engage with the local community and connect with local businesses and services. We also got to have some team bonding and experience the different activities at the event whilst simultaneously promoting our service.”