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One month of NHS Health Checks!

One month of NHS Health Checks!

Norfolk NHS Health Check service manager Dan reflects on one month of delivering the service.

"Well that went quickly!

"We have been delivering NHS Health Checks across Norfolk since April 1st. One month in feels like the right time to take a moment to reflect on a what has been a fantastic start.

"I'd like to start by thanking my wonderful team. During our two week training period we quickly gained a reputation as being a 'lively' group. The team threw themselves into the learning and activities, asked lots of questions and had a lot of fun along the way! Their passion for helping people shone through from day one and it was inspiring to see their skills and confidence develop over that first two weeks.

"They have brought that enthusiasm, creativity and compassion to their health checks - providing a first class service to our participants over this first month. The practitioners have carried out hundreds of health checks across Norfolk and should be very proud of what they have achieved so far. We have had great feedback from our first participants, several of whom have now started potentially life-changing treatment as a result of their NHS Health Check.

"This success wouldn't have been possible without the first class support provided by our Health Check Coordinators. Hameed and Bobby have quickly got to grips with new processes to take and manage bookings, get results back to GPs and countless other tasks to keep the service running smoothly.

"As a brand new service, the early stages are crucial and I would like to thank all the participants that came forward for a health check during our first month. It can be difficult to talk about our health so we're grateful for the trust you've placed in us at the beginning of our journey. Each day I hear stories about the kind, friendly and often inspiring people that come to us for health checks. Thank you for the warm reception you've given the team, as well as all the family and friends that you have sent in to get their health checks too!

"Finally, I would also like to thank the project and implementation team at Reed Wellbeing. Experts across a range of fields worked tirelessly behind the scenes to put together the training, equipment, systems, venues and countless other details big and small to get the service ready to go on 1st April.

Well done team for a fantastic first month!"