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BLOG: What happens after you’ve completed an NHS Health Check

BLOG: What happens after you’ve completed an NHS Health Check

So, you have had your NHS health check…. what happens next?

During your health check we will have measured your blood pressure, weight, height, waist, cholesterol/ blood sugar and discussed your habits and lifestyle. We will highlight any areas of concern and give you tailored health advice to help you reduce your risk factors in ways that work for you. Your results are then sent to your GP surgery by secure email and added to your patient record.

Every participant is given their results card to take away with them. As well as the results themselves, your results card has some space for you to write down some SMART health goals and details of other agencies that can help you achieve them. We also have an ever-growing collection of QR codes to useful apps and information to help you achieve your goals – as well as lots of mini booklets for those that prefer to have their advice in hard copy!

If your results are all low risk, then we will congratulate you on your good health and advise you to keep doing what you’re doing!

If your results show anything that needs addressing, we will flag this to your GP and give you advice on what you can do to reduce the risk in the meantime. Your GP is likely to offer you an appointment to review your results, but we will also recommend that you give them a call too.

If your blood pressure reading shows a risk of hypertension (very high blood pressure) we will phone your GP the same day and recommend that you do the same.

With so many health checks having been performed, so far it has shown that even people who think they’re living a healthy lifestyle that might not be the case.

Many participants have been surprised when they’ve received their results and afterwards have been pleased that they got the health check done, as it either gives them piece of mind or the tools to make changes.

Here is what one of our participants had to say:

“I haven’t had a health check in 10 years, I never thought I needed one until my friend suggested one after our keep fit class that was held in the venue. Luckily Laura could see me, did all the checks, and was concerned after performing my blood pressure (she doubled and tripled checked it). With Laura’s reassurance I went straight to my GP and explained the situation, they fitted me in for a blood pressure check that afternoon and a blood test. I needed to start on blood pressure medication straight away. Without the health check I may have been walking around with creeping blood pressure, I rang the venue as I wanted to update Laura and feedback how wonderful the health check is”

If you want to have an NHS Health Check, call us on 0808 175 0413 or visit here.