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How will the NHS Health Check help me?

Your NHS Health Check can detect potential health problems before they do real damage.

As well as establishing your risk, we can show you ways to lower your risk.

There are many other benefits too.

1 - The tests work

The tests that form part of the NHS Health Check have been proven by large, long-term studies to be able to detect serious health problems and work out your risk of getting these problems.

2 - Knowing your risk factors helps you

Finding out you have a risk factor for a health condition can be really helpful because you can take action to improve your health.

For example, if you find out your blood pressure is too high, you can make lifestyle changes to lower it, such as stopping smoking, eating a healthier diet or exercising more.

3 - It may also prevent cancer and respiratory illness

The NHS Health Check is mainly aimed at lowering your risk of getting cardiovascular illnesses (diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels) such as heart disease and stroke.

But the risk factors for heart disease and stroke are often the same as risk factors for other conditions, including preventable cancers and respiratory illness. So the NHS Health Check could reduce your chance of getting certain cancers and respiratory illness too.

4 - You get a one-to-one health chat

The NHS Health Check gives you an opportunity to sit down with a health professional and talk about your health.

There's good evidence that spending time with a doctor or another healthcare professional to discuss exercise and other lifestyle issues can have real long-term benefits.

How to book

The NHS Health Check is free to book and now available across Norfolk.

Click here to book